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A new perfumery finding delight in unexpected sources.

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Clue Perfumery
Clue Perfumery

Drawing upon surprising references, Clue’s work balances surreal vignettes with the familiar appeal of perfume.

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Every fragrance is formulated, bottled, and shipped by hand from our lab in Chicago.

Clue Perfumery

Trodden earth in the midwest springtime.

SoundscapeMorel Map

Clue Perfumery

An olfactory impression of a hot lightbulb.

Warm Bulb

Clue Perfumery

The Blood of Christ pours as wax spills down hot iron.

Clue Perfumery

Twirling smoke, smoldering resin.

SoundscapeWith the Candlestick

"A point in every direction is the same as - as no point at all!"


Updated February 29, 2024