Established in 2022 by childhood friends — perfumer Laura Oberwetter, and designer Caleb Vanden Boom — Clue is an independent perfumery finding delight in unexpected places.

Drawing upon surprising references, Clue’s work balances surreal vignettes with the familiar appeal of perfume.

With a close group of friends and collaborators, Clue develops everything in-house. Every product produced has been designed, composed, formulated, bottled, assembled, and shipped by hand from Clue’s studio and lab in Chicago.

Bespoke Fragrances

Closely work with Clue’s perfumer to create a bespoke perfume or scent for any space. Contact us for more information on creating a custom fragrance for your shop, hotel, event, home, or self.

Please note that this process will take up to 2 months. For more information, email

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order samples?

Our sample set is available here.

Do you accept international orders?

Orders outside of the United States can be placed with our partners at LuckyScent.

Are your fragrances safe?

All of our fragrances are IFRA-compliant. IFRA (the International Fragrance Regulatory Association) provides stringent guidelines to ensure that fragrances are formulated as safely as possible. It is not an FDA requirement to follow IFRA in the US, but we choose to. For more information on IFRA, click here.

Are your fragrances all natural?

We enthusiastically use both natural and synthetic materials. We select materials based on their ability to execute concepts, not on their rarity, exclusivity, or perceived market value.

Are your fragrances vegan?

All of our products, except With the Candlestick, are vegan. With the Candlestick contains trace amounts of castoreum. If you’re interested in a vegan version of this fragrance, please reach out and we will provide you with a modified formulation.

Shipping & Returns


Clue is available internationally through our partners at LuckyScent.

Shipping Fees

Shipping fees are calculated at checkout.


Refunds are only considered for items that are unused and un-tampered with. Clue Perfumery reserves the right to refuse a refund for any items that we do not consider unused.


To be considered for a returns process, please email us at The buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses on returned goods.

Special Thanks

Clue is the result of the generous time and talent of our collaborators. We would like to thank them here:

Website Development

Lucas Vocos at Buena Suerte

Bottle Illustrations

Pencil Illustration

Soundscape Illustrations and Graphic Design Support

Soundscape Music

Cap Engineering

Jake Leonard

Factice Construction

3D Box Render

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